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This site is totally FREE of any costs and anyone may download books / contents but without making slightest alteration to the original work or any content of this site.

This site means no disrespect to any religion and the intention is to deliver messages received from heavens to as many as possible.  It is left to each individual to accept what appears on this site.  All are welcome to read these messages and the prayers that are made available in the set of three books of AMAN (All Mankind And New-religion).  These three books are verbatim, without slightest change in the material that was sent from heavens by angels and archangels.  To know about the New-religion read a short 'HISTORY' which helps us to get an in-depth understanding.

New-religion is given to mankind because most of the present religions have lost their meaning.  In many cases, this occurred due to the original scriptures being edited or translated.  Frequently it happens that the original thoughts lose their meaning in such a process and/or some thoughts get added, or are removed or are redefined.  New-religion provides a fresh start and also incorporates methods to keep the religion intact as time passes.  With this method, all future doubts on the religion as well as changes due to the changing times will be updated only through heaven’s help.

New-religion gives a new thought on how a religion should be followed and shows the futility of grouping oneself into any particular religion.  Religions should aim at imparting knowledge of spirituality.  The word ‘spirituality’ means, ‘that concerning spirits’.  Concerning spirits would mean thoughts relating to those of God, archangels, angels, demons, souls etc. and also how we should think of them and what are our relations, obligations and expectations from them.  Once this is understood it gets easy to realise that reaching God is one’s own individual journey and it needs to be accomplished in a manner that God likes; and that is by being good and doing good in a correct and peaceful manner.  Therefore, there is no need for anyone to identify themselves as a member of any group, such as, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Muslims or any other religion. Identifying this way one loses one’s own identity and becomes only a member of a particular group, sect or religion.  Then, as a member of that particular group one has to live up to the expectations of those who control that group; like priests, or high-priests or any other controller of that group.  In doing so one’s individual journey comes to an end and all the flexibility that one may want to express to get closer to God or to complete one’s spiritual journey comes to an end and is completely lost.

New-religion specifically wants people to detach themselves from all groups and form one group and that is one group of good people wanting to be good and do good.  The goal of this group will only be to gain knowledge but each individual is left to design one’s own journey to move towards God.  This is the most basic and important thought that is expressed in New-religion.  All the teachings expressed in past by those who received divine messages from God or angels aimed only to teach people to be good and the necessity of being good. New-religion leaves it to each individual to follow a good and righteous path so that they are looked upon as good people who want to live in peace and help other less fortunate people and support them and make all feel safe, so that in the end all are good.  Only then can we expect some eternal peace and happiness.

New-religion is very simple to follow as there are very few formalities.  The entire set of three books of the New-religion is in very simple language. 

To be inducted into the New-religion all that one needs to do is to make a promise to God to try one's best to live in peace and harmony with all of God's creations of which mankind is His greatest creation. 

We can achieve peace by loving all those who love us and all those whom we live with; and by being righteous.

It may appear that to live in peace and harmony with all is a very hard task - but the only thing that each and every person really wants is peace.  So, if all want the same thing and if all work towards the same goal then obviously the goal is easy to achieve.  Yet, we find this hard to achieve.  To make this task easy, New-religion is handed down from the heavens.

To understand what is different / new about the here.....New-religion.

Please do read "the introduction to reading of the books of the new-religion" first.  This gives a background of everything that this site is trying to express. 

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