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God has declared fire to be a source of the highest form of all energies.  It is His wish that we respect fire and that we do not misuse its use by the careless handling of it.  As a mark of respect God wishes that we do not smoke.  Fire reduces bad vibrations to a very large extent when lit with a good source.

A good source is the one when a fire is lit with a blank mind, clean hands and a clean body.  To light a fire with a blank mind can be very hard to do. An easier option would be to light the fire with a good protection prayer said in your mind. This will give the fire some good source of energy as the fire gets blessed by God or any of His angels.  With this, God or His angels arrange for some angels to be assigned to such a fire.

There are three main types of protection that can be obtained by good fires:

  •   A Wood fire - completely destroys all bad and negative vibrations.  Fires lit and sustained with most natural materials are the best.  This would mean burning of wood, but it is not practical to have this in places like homes. 

  •   A Diva - is the next best alternative. A fire lit this way collects all the bad and negative vibrations and locks it in the water.  After the diva finishes, the water is disposed of along with the bad and negative vibrations. 

  •   A Candle fire - pushes the negative and bad vibrations away as long as the candle is burning so that no evil can get near.  Once the flame extinguishes, the bad and negative vibrations come back.

With such fires, we get good vibrations that have several benefits like protection and comfort.  In this way, a place of  good vibrations will develop.  This should be maintained so that no bad vibrations start to develop again.  Once a place is very good and free of evil or bad vibrations then this particular place may be also used for praying by anyone who would like to pray in a place that is free of any sort of negativity.     

The best and the most practical option for maintaining good vibrations in places like homes or offices is by lighting a diva.  A diva is a very simple way of getting rid of some of the evil or bad vibrations, provided this diva has been lit with a good source of energy as explained above.  However one may use whichever is most suitable and practical to them.

Another point of importance of fire is that it is required at the time of communication with the good Spirit World. 

Prayer fire should be lit with a good source as explained above. 


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