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Please read Understanding Prayers first. 

PRAYERS are expressions to God. 

Many have put forward that the real good prayers are only those that do not ask for anything, but those who have prayed have always wanted some help; something tangible or intangible.  Only when these types of prayers are actually granted, can one easily accept the existence of God and His team of angels and archangels.  Prayers have now been actually given from the heavens for us to be able to ask for heaven's help and comforts in a correct way, of which some are listed below.  We may ask for material needs but not for material gains.  For example, our bodies are material so to keep our bodies well maintained, well fed and well sheltered are all material needs and we should not hesitate to ask for these.  Material gains, however, would be asking for something in abundance.


  1. Prayers relating to jobs

  2. Prayers relating to business

  3. Prayers to start / end a day

  4. Prayers relating to sickness

  5. Prayers relating to new babies and children

  6. Prayers relating to travel, including ones needed when someone is far from home

  7. Prayers of protection

  8. Prayers relating to the shift

  9. Prayers relating to passing away of souls

  10. Prayers of thanks

  11. Prayers for destroying / removing evil

  12. List of prayers identified by concepts

  13. Prayers relating to good vibrations

Prayers given in the book of Aman Of All The Religions are God powered and God protected. 


God powered means that God has approved all the prayers in the books and has also empowered some of His angels/archangels to grant these prayers without referring to Him as per the set guidelines. 

God protected means prayers prayed to God can only be granted by God or His angels. This also extends to anyone who opens these books and starts to read from them, where that person has the protection of God till such time that these books are being read.

Praying any prayers from the book of Aman Of All The Religions can never turn out to be harmful to anyone praying such a prayer. 

Prayers fall under one of these four categories:

  1. Prayers of protection:  Through these prayers we ask for protections such as: protection against evil or forces of evil, evil people, bad thoughts, bad goods and other forces, like the forces of nature.

  2. Prayers of help:  Through these prayers we seek the help of God.  Help is needed by all frequently and through the help of the heavens and God's angels we can get a lot of assistance.

  3. Prayers of comfort:  Through these prayers we seek physical and mental comforts such as comfort during times of illness or passing away. 

  4. Prayers of worshiping and thanking God:  These prayers are the highest ones that generate the best of vibrations.


Procedure for praying:

How do our prayers reach God?  God Almighty has asked souls/angels to give their presence to those who pray to Him.  Our prayers are picked up by some souls/angels as we pray - they in turn direct them to the higher ones under whose jurisdiction these prayers fall, so they can be granted - once these prayers reach the empowered angel, these are then granted or put aside for a time or simply denied (depending on the situation).  All prayers that are needed and deserved are generally granted.

Having this is mind, a prayer session should be conducted in the following manner. 

  • First get in thoughts of God by saying a small protection prayer - this gets us connected to the good Spirit World.  For example - God I love You, please keep me protected from all evil forces, evil souls and evil spirits.

  • Then you should welcome the angels who will attend to your prayers.

  • Then start praying your prayers.

  • Conclude the praying session by saying 'thanks' to the angels who were attending the praying session - this acknowledges the conclusion of the praying session, and enables them to leave before you do. 

In a praying session only the initial protection prayer that get us connected to the good Spirit World should be prayed in the mind and the rest of the praying session should be prayed aloud.  During the praying session there should be no distractions whatsoever to give respect to those who are listing to our prayers.  So we should totally avoid attending phones, looking around, thinking of something other than our praying session or moving away from praying altogether.  This is disrespectful to those angels who are waiting and listening to the prayers.  In circumstances where you have to leave a praying session suddenly you should pause to excuse yourself and then leave the prayer session. 

It is ideal to have a lighted diva (oil lamp) or a candle while praying.


Daily Prayers:  All should have a set of 'daily prayers' and should pray one prayer from this set daily, no matter what - even though we may be sick or busy.  Daily prayers are those that can be prayed by anyone on any given day.  Daily prayers are not those that we pray everyday which are specific to some purpose or specific to some person.

For example, 'God I am in need of this - so dear God please do grant me this'; or 'God please pull me through this difficulty or this sickness'.  Such prayers cannot be called 'daily prayers' even though a person may pray daily - because once this is granted then this person will not pray this particular prayer.  Whereas a prayer like: 'God I love You, please keep me very close to You and protect me against all evil' can be prayed by anyone, any time and on any given day.  Prayers like these, even though, not prayed daily, will constitute as daily prayers, because this prayer can be prayed on any given day.

Pointers on Praying: 

  1. Pray only to God Almighty

  2. Ask for Godís protection

  3. Have a set of daily prayers and pray at least one prayer from this set daily

  4. Prayers can be said at any time of day or night (except those specifically designed for a particular time)

  5. Ask for any help or any material needs and comforts only if you need these

  6. Do not stop a prayer session abruptly.  When you are praying, you are addressing an authority that is mightier than any on earth.  Therefore, a good decorum needs to be maintained and due respect should be given to those who you expect will be listening to your prayers.  We should not get distracted and interrupt the praying session by talking to someone or by answering the phone or the door.  No one is more important at praying time than those who are listening to your prayers. 

  7. If you are asking for something in your prayers, be specific and ask God to grant it only if it is going to turn out to be good for you in the long run.  You must also be specific whether what you are asking for is for your good only or whether you want it to be good for you as well as your family.  This becomes conditional praying and although this reduces the chances of the prayer being granted, it is actually beneficial for you to pray this way as only what is good for you and/or your family will be granted.

  8. Try to pray God protected/God powered prayers verbatim and do not make any changes to these prayers even if you feel that a part of it is not applicable to what you are praying for.  Making changes to a God protected/God powered prayer will result in the prayer no longer being God protected/powered. 

  9. Do not pray for others who do not want to pray for themselves

  10. Do not pray for others for the reason that no one knows what others really want and we may create a conflict between what we are praying for someone and what the other person is actually praying for.  For example, if you see a very well educated person doing a job that appears to be a menial job to you and you pray that this person gets a better job - then, we could end up praying a conflicting prayer if this person actually loves their present job

  11. You can pray for others under some circumstances like (i) if your child is below the reasoning age (ii) if someone is very sick and cannot pray (iii) if someone is struggling to get back on Godís path (iv) pray for others asking Godís protection (v) prayers of general well-being for others.  More circumstances are mentioned in the books of Aman

  12. Do not pray for any material gains

  13. Do not pray any negative prayers.  Being in emotional states like that of anger, hatred or jealousy almost tantamount to praying negative prayers because it is in this state that we can be most vulnerable and blurt out a negative prayer

  14. Do not pray to leave everything in Godís hands, we need to play our part to the fullest extent.  For example, asking God to help you pass exams when you have not put in your effort to study

  15. Advanced prayers need to be prayed with your head covered and bare feet